Friday, 9 February 2018

Today's political singalong - from Vikiki Campion's dad for Barnaby Joyce.

The father of Barnaby Joyce's mistress says he wants to see the politician burnt alive and eaten 'like the lamb he is'.

Retired firefighter Peter Campion, estranged father of Vikki Campion, 33, roasted the Deputy Prime Minister on Thursday, saying he wanted to burn him on a fire.

'I just want to say 'bah' as we call him in our place,' Mr Campion said referring to Mr Joyce as a sheep.
'We're saving a place by the fire and by the fire, I mean over the fire. I've got rather a taste for lamb roast at the moment and I think the Deputy Prime Minister on a spit would be quite a sight.'
You can read more at The Daily Mail while you listen along to our political singalong for today.

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