Monday, 17 December 2018

A political singalong for Andrew Broad who upset Sweet Sophia Rose

New Idea gets in to the real news business.
Married politician Andrew Broad has been caught out with a sugar baby from a “seeking arrangements” website he used to meet younger girls while he was away on work trips.
While spending an evening in the company of blonde beauty Amy – who uses the online alias “Sweet Sophia Rose” and is almost 20 years his junior – the MP bragged about his “important” position in parliament, practised his official speeches and even referred to himself as “James Bond” in an attempt to seduce her.
Sweet Sophia Rose 
Having met through a website for sugar daddy arrangements, in which a well-off and usually older man is willing to spend his wealth on an attractive younger woman in exchange for her company, Amy has now brazenly lifted the lid on the man she says is not fit to represent Australia.
The Aqua dining room with a view.

And the eating where Andrew's dining companion found “He kept commenting on prices and how expensive they were. It made everything so awkward from the start". To enable fine dining readers to judge for themselves here is an extract from the restaurant review site
I opted for Italian, and the first dish to appear, burrata cheese with cherry tomatoes ($A51.45), was presented so beautifully I almost didn’t want to eat it. When I did succumb, it was wonderfully fresh and creamy. ... For my main I chose the chef’s signature handmade truffle, potato and fresh egg-filled ravioli, with crutin cheese and shaved black truffle ($A62.18). I can understand why this is a house specialty. It’s quite something when you cut into the pasta, cooked perfectly al dente, and the egg yolk oozes out. I’m a sucker for handmade pasta and truffles so this dish was a winner on all fronts.
Perhaps next time Mr Broad should visit Japan for his experiments with "seeking arrangements" websites. Whatever. The Owl thought a political singalong an appropriate way of commemorating Mr Broad's decision to resign from his position as the assistant minister to Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Michael McCormack.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The Owl does not understand why the Liberals are the favourites in NSW

The conventional wisdom is that the Liberals and National government will be re-elected in New South Wales. The betting markets have the coalition odds on favourite at $1.50.
The Owl does not understand why. He thinks there has been an over reaction to the replacement of an Opposition Leader. He is happy to have a dollar or two on Labor at the $2,65

Liberals suffering from buyer's remorse

Hats off to Phil Coorey of The Financial Review for using the phrase "buyer's remorse" when he spoke on radio this morning of the increasing number of Liberals who now regret helping make Scott Morrison Prime Minister.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Senator Jim Molan rallies the Liberal Party troops

Liberal Senator Jim Molan might be smarting because he's been dumped to an unwinnable position on his party's Senate ticket but he pledges he is still loyal to the party.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Feuds in the Liberal Party go on and on and ...

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Nine's 60 Minutes tonight warrants a Scomo explanation

13/11/2018 Scott Morrison says he's part of a religious community and his pastor and his wife would know if someone was teaching things that weren't in accordance with what the faith believes.

Nine's 60 minutes tonight told us of this story involving The PM's Pentecostal Church:
Surely a Scomo explanation will soon be forthcoming.

Note: The Urban dictionary definition of a Scomo: