Thursday, 12 January 2017

Betting the Bishop will be a polo no-show

The corporate bookies don't seem to have a market yet on the weekend's major political event but the money at the Portsea Hotel tonight suggests Julie Bushop will be a no-show at the annual polo. The boys at the very upmarket hotel think the Foreign Minister will squib it after the flack this week about charging taxpayers for her appearance money last year. Most of the $1000 put on the bar supporting the "no appearance you Worship" case remained un-taken at closing time.

From last year's official video record - having a happy time
And there was a penetrating political interview

Personally, the Owl reckons the locals have got it wrong. Ms Bishop likes a fashionable day out and is smart enough to have a proper formal meeting in Melbourne on Friday to legitimately cover the airfare from Perth. Stay at the residence of her regular escort and no need to claim any expenses for mixing with the rich and famous at the weekend. Nothing for those kill joy journalists to get their knickers in a knot over then.
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