Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Treasurer Scott Morrison's drive back to surplus.with apologies to National Lampoon's Vacation

'Are we there yet, are we there yet?': Treasurer Scott Morrison compares the drive back to surplus to a family holiday despite budget deficit of $37.4 billion
On Nine News: "There may be some delays with road works or things like this and there'll be plenty of people on the back seat, which often happens when I'm driving away, saying 'Are we there yet, are we there yet'."
Is this the appropriate video?

You've just got to love scomo the backslider's myofo economic analogy of him driving the family car and keeping the family safe.
For those of you interested in the back slider reference:
Brethren, Scott Morrison has informed national TV he can no longer attend Hillsong simply because of the tyranny of distance. Any other suggestions are purely mischievous. So there you are!
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