Saturday, 18 January 2014

Peter Reith’s barbed advice to Tony Abbott and other news and views for 18 January

From this morning’s Australian papers.
Some links to other things I’ve found interesting today.
18-01-2014 globalwarming
  • Global Warming Denial Hits a 6-Year High - “The new study, from the Yale and George Mason University research teams on climate change communication, shows a 7-percentage-point increase in the proportion of Americans who say they do not believe that global warming is happening. And that’s just since the spring of 2013. The number is now 23 percent; back at the start of last year, it was 16 percent.”
  • How Syria sank into all-out civil war
It’s Happening: GOP Is Rallying Around Embattled N.J. Governor – “Subpoenas are hitting his closest aides and allies. His approval rating in New Jersey has taken a modest hit. And suddenly, politicians long afraid of him are speaking out about his revenge-style of governing.But headed into a three-day weekend, there’s some good news for Christie. The conservative base of the Republican Party, long skeptical of the New Jersey governor because of his bro-hug with President Obama after Sandy, is beginning to rally to his side.

Australian newspaper front pages for Saturday 18 January

Indonesian President expresses disappointment in Tony Abbott

Asian and European newspaper front pages Saturday 18 January

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