Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Green-Movement Website Shakes Up The Debate Over GMOs – News and views noted along the way Sunday 12 January

Some links to things I’ve found interesting today.
  • A Green-Movement Website Shakes Up The Debate Over GMOs – “A 26-part series on genetically modified food was not Nathanael Johnson’s idea. And he didn’t realize it would take six months, either. Last year, Johnson was hired as the new food writer for Grist, a website for environmental news and opinion. Grist’s editor, Scott Rosenberg, was waiting with an assignment: Dig into the controversy over GMOs. GMOs ‘were a unique problem for us,’ says Rosenberg. On the one hand, most of Grist’s readers and supporters despise GMOs, seeing them as a tool of corporate agribusiness and chemical-dependent farming. On the other hand, says Rosenberg, he’d been struck by the passion of people who defended this technology, especially scientists. It convinced him that the issue deserved a fresh look…. Where he ends up, in fact, is the final surprising thing about this series. Instead of preaching to the deep-green choir, Johnson questions its faith. He challenges many of the anti-GMO views that Grist’s readers are used to seeing.”
  • Pink batts royal commission could rebound on Abbott
  • The Robin Hood trap – “Americans are angry about inequality, but that may not help Democrats much.”
  • GDP and life satisfaction: New evidence – “The link between higher national income and higher national life satisfaction is critical to economic policymaking. This column presents new evidence that the connection is hump-shaped. There is a clear, positive relation in the poorer nations and regions, but it flattens out at around $30,000–$35,000, and then turns negative.”
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