Monday, 2 December 2013

The rising cost of Christmas – News and views for Tuesday 3 December

News and views noted along the way.
  • Cost Of Items In ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Tops $114,000
  • Russell Brand, Ed Miliband and the search for a popular left – “Ukip’s success shows that populist sentiment does not obey a simple left-right spectrum. Yet Miliband’s bet that the public will give his arguments a listen is a sign that the left is finding a voice again. It has yet to prove it is popular but it is no longer absent.”
  • Parents Of Sleep-Deprived Teens Push For Later School Start Times
  • Turning to Public to Back Investigative Journalism – “Uncoverage, a website that will be announced on Monday, will test whether the public cares enough about investigative journalism to pay for it. The site, to be at, will allow journalists and nonprofits to seek crowdsourced funding for both articles and topics like, for example, the Syrian war. Money for general topics will be split up among projects by the site’s editors.”
  • The evolving role of the Oxford English Dictionary –  ”James Murray (1837-1915), the indefatigable editor who oversaw much of the first edition, was originally commissioned to produce a four-volume work within a decade; after five years, he had got as far as the word ‘ant’… When work began on OED3 in the mid-1990s, it was meant to be complete by 2010. Today, they are roughly a third of the way through and Michael Proffitt, the new chief editor, estimates that the job won’t be finished for another 20 years.”
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