Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The permanent slump – just a little economic thing to think about. News and views for 20 November

Some news and views noted along the way.
  • A permanent slump? – Paul Krugman on Larry Summers on the Danger of “Secular Stagnation”
  • Politicians’ compulsive dishonesty on the public service – “Some sad truths were confirmed today. The people behind the Coalition’s public service policy – which featured prominently in its election campaign – are either incompetent, dishonest or both. As for Labor? Well, it’s just dishonest.”
  • China and Japan are heading for a collision – “It is hard to believe either side wants war – but posturing could spark accidental conflict.”
  • The Safety of Bioengineered Crops
  • The Dow is hitting a record high. No, for real this time – ” The Dow is approaching its actual inflation-adjusted closing record. … Adjusting the figures using the consumer price index for all urban consumers (or the CPI-U) from September, the all-time closing high for the Dow Jones Industrial Average was set Jan.14, 2000, at 16,261.40. On Tuesday morning, the Dow crossed 16,000 yet again, meaning we’re getting close.”
  • 2013-11-20_dowjones
  • Risk Calculator for Cholesterol Appears Flawed
  • Managing bureaucrats – “Around the world, civil service reform is viewed as necessary to deliver public services effectively and to foster development. However, evidence is thin on how the management of bureaucrats affects the provision of public services. This column presents new evidence from Nigeria linking completion rates of government projects to bureaucractic management practices. Greater autonomy is associated with higher completion rates, whereas performance monitoring and incentive schemes seem to backfire. The most effective private-sector management practices may not be suited to public sector bureaucracies.”
  • America’s angriest white men: Up close with racism, rage and Southern supremacy
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