Sunday, 24 November 2013

Nations accept CO2 targets - News and views for Sunday 24 November

News and views noted along the way.
  • Ad nauseam - "The more we hate it, the more it agrees with us. How advertising turned anti-consumerism into a secret weapon."
  • Warsaw—Day 12: All Nations Accept CO2 Targets - "For the first time, all countries of the world have agreed to make contributions in cutting greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the planet’s temperature rising above the 2°C danger limit previously agreed by politicians. Thirty hours after the climate conference in Warsaw should have ended, a series of compromises rescued the talks from collapse, although the deal fell far short of developing countries’ original expectations."
  • How books about sport got serious - "The increasing importance - and quality - of sporting literature."
  • Whom or What Are Literary Prizes For? - Daniel Mendelsohn: "The anxiety over awards is an anxiety about the mysteries of taste: who has it, how it operates"; Jennifer Szalai: "The true currency of prizes is recognition — in scarce supply as books struggle to cut through the glut of our crowded culture."
  • Do people notice food labels?
  • Political Correctness Could Affect Holiday Weight Gain
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