Political singalongs

25 August 2017 - in memory of Tony Abbott's great parliamentary performance - "Wasn't that a party".

22 August 2017 Bill Shorten can sing Happy Go Lucky Me

19 August 2017 Joan Baez sings to Donald Trump

18 August 2017 via Mike Carlton

9 August 2017 Singalong with Malcolm "I'm a strong leader" Turnbull
Click HERE to go to YouTube

8 August 2017 Some political marriage music

25 July 2017 Mama said there'll be days like this -a political singalong for Matt Canavan

27 February 2017 Josh Frydenberg tilting at windmills with his Clean Energy Finance Corporation changes - time for another political singalong

14 February 2017
Will Malcolm Turnbull Regret Dumping Maria? - Today's political singalong

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