Friday, 30 January 2015

Japanese style morning company singalong for Tony Abbott’s office

The Prime Minister’s chief of staff will open proceedings with an inspirational version of :
The Prime Minister will conclude the morale boosting with a few verses of:


A win for the LNP but not for the Queensland Premier?

A victory for the LNP but defeat for Campbell Newman are being pointed to by The Owl’s election indicators.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The real Murdoch message – sack Abbott not Credlin

The Rupert Murdoch I have known (and sometimes worked for as both journalist and lobbyist) is politically astute enough to know that calling for the dismissal of Peta Credlin ensured that Tony Abbott would keep her in the job as his chief of staff. A Prime Minister would not survive being seen to cave in to the public advice of his tweets. No. The cunning old fellow actually has Tony in his sights not Peta.
As I wrote on Tuesday: Be afraid Tony Abbott, be very afraid. The News Corp empire has determined that a Coalition government led by you will put Labor back in office and that would never do.

The death penalty for drug smugglers – majority in favour

The political difficulty for politicians in campaigning to have Indonesia spare Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan from the death penalty was shown by a recent Morgan Poll.
A special snap SMS Morgan Poll today shows a small majority of Australians (52%, down 1% since August 2009) say that Australians convicted of drug trafficking in another country and sentenced to death should be executed while 48% (up 1%) don’t. Of Australians, a larger majority (62%) said the Australian Government should not do more to stop the execution of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan while 38% say the Australian Government should do more to stop the execution.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

His Master’s Voice – and the Murdoch underlings seem to be taking notice


Be afraid Tony Abbott, be very afraid. The worm has well and truly turned. See The Abbott nightmare came on waking up

So the talk about Queensland’s election turned to sociopaths

Well the stop writs have stopped nothing. Alan Jones was back on air this morning repeating his stories about Campbell Newman the liar and tossing in an intriguing new one about and mining on North Stradbroke Island for good measure.
I particularly enjoyed the chat about sociopaths in politics but I won’t go into detail because I have neither the money more the courage of an Alan Jones when it comes to such defamatory things.
What a pity that scandal takes such a long time to seep through into public consciousness. The Liberal National Party government remains favourite to win on Saturday.

The Abbott nightmare came on waking up

If the radio and television yesterday had not got the message across, the real extent of his bad judgment greeted Tony Abbott when he looked at his newspapers this morning. It was not just that Fairfax lot. The Murdoch team were putting the boot in just as vigorously.
I expect the opinion polls to show yet another decline in prime ministerial support and for Liberal backbenchers to get even more restless.
Surviving as leader until the next election will take a major effort by Tony Abbott.