Tuesday, 3 April 2018

This is war! The battle of Monash has begun

Fairfax brings the news this afternoon that the RSL is calling on federal Coalition MPs to change the name of a new “ginger group” they have set up on energy policy, warning it is wrong for them to appropriate the name of Australian military hero John Monash.
RSL national president Robert Dick rebuked the Liberal and Nationals MPs for calling their group the “Monash Forum” in a bid to use the famous engineer and general as the figurehead for a political agenda.
“The RSL would not support the use of Monash’s name in this regard,” Mr Dick told Fairfax Media.
“We believe that Monash’s name is sacrosanct and should be above this form of political posturing.”
For the Owl the skirmish brings back memories of what he thinks is the last time the Monash name was brought in to political debate.

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