Sunday, 22 April 2018

The mystery of the Liberal Party strategists silly enough to allow Financial Services Minister Kelly O'Dwyer to humiliate herself.

As the saying goes, sometimes the best response is to say nothing at all. And The Insiders program this morning was proof again of that wisdom. Why Kelly O'Dwyer agreed to be interviewed by Barrie Cassidy is beyond me. There was no way it would be other than a political horror show and so it proved.

Not that it matters too much for the government in the overall scheme of things. The audience of political tragics were aware that the banking Royal Commission is a continuing embarrassment for the government before watching the Minister for Financial Services dishonestly pretending. The damage was done well before she opened herself up for well earned ridicule.
The only surprise to the Owl is that the Liberal party strategists were silly enough to allow her to humiliate herself.

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