Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Murdoch New York tabloid features the lawyer and the porn star but his Fox News hides the story away

F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen; Trump Calls It ‘Disgraceful’ - New York Times

Cohen is clearly in a lot of trouble. This is not a case of a highly respected pillar of the community being suddenly revealed to have a dark side. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Cohen’s career is that up to this point he has avoided prison. Cohen is fond of threatening people that Trump needs to intimidate; the subjects of his threats include journalists who report unflattering things about Trump. Cohen has been involved in Trump’s murky business dealingswith Russia, along with his childhood friend, legitimate businessman Felix Sater, who once stabbed a guy and was also convicted of a mob-linked pump-and-dump scheme.
Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump appear to be vying for the world record for the longest one-night stand in history. Ms. Daniels, the porn star, says that she and the president had sex one time in 2006 — an encounter that may turn into a long-term relationship with the help of the California courts.
Sean Hannity downplays FBI raid of Trump attorney Michael Cohen's office as a "fishing expedition"
Hannity: "There’s no limit at all into the fishing expedition that Mueller is now engaged in"
And over at Murdoch's Fox News:

Nobel Prize Judges Face Crisis 'Worse Than One Can Imagine' After Resignations - NPR
After three members of the Swedish Academy resigned Friday, protesting its response to a long-simmering scandal, the committee known for awarding the Nobel Prize in literature has found itself in unfamiliar — and precarious — territory: Beyond examining the merits of an author's past work, as it does each year, the centuries-old group is now also facing questions about its own future.
Peter Englund, the academy's former permanent secretary, and authors Klas Östergren and Kjell Espmark all resigned their technically permanent positions on the 18-member committee in quick succession, citing allegations against a high-profile figure closely associated with the group.
Those allegations first surfaced when the #MeToo movement hit Sweden last November, and the Stockholm daily Dagens Nyheter reported that the man — whom the newspaper has identified only as "Cultural Profile" — had allegedly sexually assaulted or harassed at least 18 women over the past two decades.
As the U.S. and China threaten to impose tariffs on goods from aluminum to wine, the two nations are waging a separate economic battle that could determine who owns the next wave of computing. Chinese universities and U.S. technology companies such as International Business Machines Corp. and Microsoft Corp. are racing to develop quantum computers, a type of processing that is forecast to be so powerful it can transform how drug-makers, agriculture companies and auto manufacturers discover compounds and materials. Quantum computing uses the movement of subatomic particles to process data in amounts that modern computers cannot handle. Mostly theoretical now, the technology is expected to be able to perform calculations that make today’s computers look akin to an abacus.

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