Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Anti-semitism, the gender pay gap and other news and views

Why my generation is indifferent to anti-Semitism - The Spectator
For young Labour supporters, Zionism is a synonym for white supremacy and western colonialism
Jews face rampant anti-Semitism in Germany, Europe - Deutsch Welle
The murder of an elderly Holocaust survivor in Paris has shocked Europe. However, Michel Friedman writes in this guest commentary, the killing should surprise no one: Anti-Semitism is omnipresent.
Anti-Semitism and the threat of identity politics - Financial Times
Today, hatred of Jews is mixed in with fights about Islam and Israel 
European anti-Semitism is not imported - Deutsch Welle
In Europe and in Germany there is currently a lot of talk about “imported anti-Semitism,” supposedly brought here by Muslims. Yet hatred of Jews is part of Christianity’s DNA, says Krsto Lazarevic.
Envy and Prejudice in Germany: An Author's Quest to Explain Muslim Anti-Semitism - bpiegel
Israeli author David Ranan spent a year speaking to Muslims in Germany about anti-Semitism, with the goal of understanding prejudices and their root causes. He has transformed his findings into a book that draws surprising conclusions about the extent of the problem.
This is how companies can close the gender pay gap - Financial Times
Concrete changes to alter hiring and promotion practices pay off

Top level turbulence at RNZ and the Beehive - RNZ
The possibility of the Ardern government's first ministerial casualty energised the media coverage of the story - as did the fact it was a media industry issue well understood by reporters.
The news filled front-page space in all four metropolitan daily papers (though, interestingly, none of the regional ones) on Wednesday.

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