Monday, 5 March 2018

Women who win are more likely to get divorced and other news and views

The Hidden Taxes on Women - New York Times
Winning an election increases subsequent divorce rates for female candidates but not for men (This paper, like most of the social science literature, focuses on female-male partners.) These divorces are not the exclusive result of hard-fought campaigns. The study examined elections with very narrow margins of victories, in which winning was largely a matter of luck. These “lucky” winners also experienced higher divorce rates.
Corporate success has similar consequences: Women who become chief executives divorce at higher rates than others.
Another study found that the same is true in Hollywood: Winning the best actress Oscar portends a divorce, while winning the best actor award does not.
Economists vs. Scientists on Long-Term Growth - Project Syndicate
Artificial intelligence researchers and conventional economists may have very different views about the impact of new technologies. But right now, and forgetting the possibility of an existential battle between man and machine, it seems quite plausible to expect a significant pickup in productivity growth over the next five years.
Will Circumcision Survive in the West? - Project Syndicate
A proposed law to ban ritual circumcision in Iceland has unsurprisingly been met with dismay in Muslim and Jewish communities around the world. This is not the first time a Western country has considered enforcing secular norms at the expense of religious freedom, an approach that imperils the entire human rights project.
A Secretive Sect Opens A Debate On Female Genital Mutilation - NPR
For generations, women of a secretive Muslim sect have removed what they call "forbidden flesh" from their girls. They were told they had an infection, or an insect, that needed to be cut out. The girls were ordered to never speak of it again. Others knew to stay quiet, understanding that anything involving their genitals should stay secret.
But now the community is talking.
Experts Aghast At Russian Claim Of Nuclear-Powered Missile With Unlimited Range - NPR
According to Putin's prepared remarks to the Russian Federal Assembly, he said that "in late 2017, Russia successfully launched its latest nuclear-powered missile at the Central training ground. During its flight, the nuclear-powered engine reached its design capacity and provided the necessary propulsion."
An accompanying video appears to show a cruise missile launching into the sky and hurtling through the air. An animation then shows how such a weapon could dodge terrain and missile defenses while flying for thousands of miles around the tip of South America and toward the U.S. West Coast.

"I'm still kind of in shock," says Edward Geist, a researcher specializing in Russia at the Rand Corp. "My guess is they're not bluffing, that they've flight-tested this thing. But that's incredible."
German Social Democrats back new Merkel-led coalition - Reuters
Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) voted decisively for another coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives on Sunday, clearing the way for a new government in Europe’s largest economy and ending months of political uncertainty.

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