Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The liberal politics of Kim Kardashian and other news and views

Democrats prefer Mitch McConnell’s politics to Kim Kardashian West’s. That’s ridiculous. - Think Progress
The maligning of the businesswoman and reality star politically is unfair and depressing.
In between filming one of the most entertaining reality shows on television today and running a highly successful cosmetics and fragrances business, Kim Kardashian West has emerged as a staunch defender of progressive causes, and she proudly endorsed Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 general election.
But a recent Morning Consult poll measuring the potency of political endorsements found that, among independents, the most damaging endorsement a politician can receive is that of Kardashian West. Among Democrats, Kardashian West’s endorsement is the eighth most damaging, right after Steve Bannon and right ahead of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Smoke rises from a black hole - The Australian
... the rise of a dedicated, lucrative black market that anecdotally at least has dragged transnational crime syndicates into the fray. ... Obviously, tobacco theft and smuggling has always been a problem but as the excise hikes have kicked in, in what might be called prohibition by stealth, a relatively small law enforcement problem has become a lot bigger and uglier in Australia.
After Cambridge Analytica, politicians must act to save the web - Financial Times
A wondrous informational resource is turning into a cyber cesspit
Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, Chairman Mao taught us. Nowadays it is just as likely to derive from the click of a mouse. The latest revelations in the Observer and the New York Times about the role of Cambridge Analytica in hacking the 2016 US presidential election shine an unforgiving light on the potential abuse of computational propaganda and mass manipulation.
Lawsuits Force Alleged Trump Affairs, Sexual Misconduct Claims Back Into Public Eye - NPR
Previously dismissed by President Trump and his allies after alleging sexual affairs or unwanted sexual advances by the real estate tycoon, a number of women are asking the courts to help them break their silence.
Reuters reporters in court 100 days after their arrest in Myanmar -  Reuters
Two Reuters reporters appeared in a Myanmar court for the 11th time on Wednesday, which marked 100 days since they were arrested in December and accused of possessing secret government papers.

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