Thursday, 15 February 2018

Will angry National Party scone bakers be the ones who bring Barnaby Joyce down when they learn that their fund raising efforts paid his by-election salary?

James Massola reports for the Fairfax papers:
Grassroots Nationals members had to foot the bill to pay Barnaby Joyce a salary for six weeks after the Deputy Prime Minister was thrown out of Parliament and lost his $416,000-a-year job. ... One Nationals MP, when told of the arrangement on Wednesday, said it was "extremely unusual" and questioned why Mr Joyce "couldn't cover his own expenses for six weeks" given he had only just departed a $416,000-a-year job. Another MP who declined to be named said it was likely party members would be disappointed they had to pay Mr Joyce's salary.

Among those disappointed National Party members there are sure to be some who slave away over a hot stove making scones like Lady Flo to sell at election time fund-raisers. There are a lot of scones needed to give Barnaby the $48,000 foregone as Deputy Prime Minister while he was ducking in and out of pubs for six weeks on the campaign trail needed because he was thrown out of Parliament for being a kiwi.
The grand daughter of one of those key fundraisers has told the Owl that her grandma was “filthy” about Barnaby putting his hand in the party's cookie jar because the amount was like having to cook and sell the equivalent of 100,000 scones. If the ladies are not amused perhaps this will be the rock that Barnaby finally perishes on.

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