Friday, 2 February 2018

Truth, trust and the future of journalism and links to some other news and views about the media

Truth, Trust and the Future of Journalism - The Aspen Institute
A discussion featuring — Andrew Lack, Chairman of NBC News and MSNBC and Rebecca Blumenstein, Deputy managing editor of The New York Times in conversation with Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute.

Making Journalism Great Again - Project Syndicate
So long as social media companies optimize for advertising revenue, their algorithms will tend to reward the extremes, and reputable news organizations will waste valuable resources battling disinformation. A better approach would be to make news less boring.
The News Is Breaking - The Nation
Poor reporting and the chaos of social media have put responsible journalism in grave danger.

The Worst of the Worst - New York Review of Books
Michael Tomasky reviews Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff and Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic by David Frum

On January 10, The Washington Post reported that Donald J. Trump passed a milestone that none of his predecessors is known to have attained: just short of the anniversary of his first year in office, he told his two thousandth lie. ... 
The attacks on Wolff haven’t stuck partly because it all rings so true.  ...  there is one sense in which he doesn’t play by the usual rules. Wolff doesn’t do “fairness.” He comes to his conclusions, and he lets you know them. He doesn’t tell the other side. No New York Times or Washington Post reporter could have written this book. They follow rules that demand more “balance,” rules under which they might have been more likely to get all the small things absolutely right but would have diluted the larger truth. And so, free from that stricture of straight news reporting, Fire and Fury has performed a great public service: it has forced mainstream Washington to confront and discuss the core issue of this presidency, which is the president’s fitness for office.
Frum’s warning is expressed in his subtitle—that Trump’s rule is a very real threat to the republic. ... his broader warning about what the alert citizen should be on the lookout for is on point:
"The thing to fear from the Trump presidency is not the bold overthrow of the Constitution, but the stealthy paralysis of governance; not the open defiance of law, but an accumulating subversion of norms; not the deployment of state power to intimidate dissidents, but the incitement of private violence to radicalize supporters."
Does This Man Know More Than Robert Mueller? - New York Magazine
Glenn Greenwald’s war on the Russia investigation.

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