Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Barnaby Joyce story will just keep on giving - watch for the estranged wife on television

Caroline Overington in The Australian this morning writing on whether Barnaby Joyce's story passed the pub test:
His former wife has been forced to engage a crisis management professional to handle the volume of media calls, and to try to protect her daughters from the onslaught.
She isn’t negotiating a fee for her story, but she does want to tell it. Sixty Minutes, as well as Sunday Night, among others, are more than happy to help in that regard.
And wait. There'll be more. The weekly gossip magazines are yet to buy in to the story.
Just wait for them sooling the paparazzi on to get those April baby pics.
Coalition MPs, meanwhile, will have a week at home when Barnaby Joyce is acting Prime Minister to consider what the new opinion polls are saying.

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