Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Hopefully Barnaby Joyce will get mate's rates on his new furnishings

These must be stressful times for Barnaby Joyce and his pregnant girlfriend, what with being forced out of their rent-free accommodation and having their income slashed. Only natural if the deposed deputy PM turned to his National Party protege David Littleproud for some furnishing help.
Mr Littleproud is in the rent-to-buy business as reported earlier this week.
Mr Littleproud, a first-term Queensland MP appointed as minister for agriculture and water last year, owns a firm called Mr Rental Southern Downs.
It offers goods on a rent-to-buy basis, which Labor MP Meryl Swanson claimed in parliament on Monday meant a customer could end up paying $8000 for a $1900 laptop computer.
Singalong in the hope that Mr Littleproud will give mate's rates to the man who plucked him from obscurity to become a minister.

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