Sunday, 10 September 2017

Only one minor election example but a pox on all your parties

Just over the border from Canberra they went to the polls on Saturday to elect the Queanbeyan Palerang council. I don't want to make too much of the result but there is one little warning to the three major parties. Labor, Liberal and Green parties managed just under 30% of the vote between them.

Party % share
Labor 13.55
Liberal 9.13
Green 6.45
Other 70.87

Comparison with earlier council polls in this section of NSW (that's part of the federal electorate of Eden Monaro) are made difficult by a recent amalgamation of the Queanbeyan and Palerang Councils. Back in 2012 the Labor vote in Queanbeyan was 18.3% and 15.7% in Palerang. The Liberals did not have a ticket in either election back then but the Green voter in Queanbeyan was 5.4%
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