Monday, 4 September 2017

Murdoch tabloids trying new approach - yesterday's news today

Sydney's Daily Telegraph dose it best this morning. It fills page one with an "exclusive" yarn about something that allegedly happened three or so years ago. See The Owl's earlier post :

Shock! Horror! Probe! Bid! - Abbott makes Turnbull swear

for the details. The other Murdoch tabloids have dutifully followed along on their websites.

Brisbane's Courier Mail preferred a local version of old news.
The Queensland Senator and Attorney General George Brandis is reported as strongly arguing "against world-first laws banning pedophiles from travelling overseas for child sex holidays during 'robust' Cabinet meetings that left colleagues questioning his political judgment."
In a rare Cabinet leak, three ministers present confirmed Senator Brandis objected to further penalties on offenders because their crimes had already been dealt with by the courts.
Senator Brandis was not being soft on child sex offenders but mounted a vigorous, technical legal argument about the role of government, executive and judiciary, The Courier-Mail has been told.
The embarrassing Cabinet breach comes as tension and frustration mounts within the Coalition over a looming reshuffle, the gay marriage survey which will be challenged in the High Court from tomorrow, the citizenship debacle and allegations of undermining.
And when did this Cabinet meeting take place? Down towards the bottom of the story the -first-with-the-news Courier Mail reveals it was during two Cabinet meetings back in May.

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