Friday, 23 June 2017

Measuring the influence of Andrew Bolt

I'm not a Foxtel man. The pension does not stretch far enough for that and I'm clearly not Robinson Crusoe. The ratings agencies tell me that. Shows like that of Andrew Bolt have a low thousands of viewers not the hundreds of thousands of something like the ABC's 7.30. Yet, I am slowly realising, that is irrelevant when it comes to measuring influence.
Every morning when I do my Facebook and Twitter checks on the news of the day one of the most frequent words I come across are those of Andrew. The extracts of the highlights of his nightly The Bolt Report normally are repeated several times. The postings by those on the list of people I follow might be accompanied by acerbic comments but Andrew Bolt still has the opportunity of getting his message across. Not nearly as often am I greeted by an extract from a Leigh Sales interview.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A quote for the day on political flaws and failure

Politics is notoriously forgiving of flaws; it punishes failure very severely.

 - from The audacity of nope by STIG ABELL
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