Thursday, 19 January 2017

An innovative Pauline Hanson way of pre-selecting candidates

My new political editor writes:
Pauline Hanson has asked viewers of the Paul Murray TV Shock Jock to decide whether a convicted stamp stealer should run for One Nation in the seat of Joondalup in the WA elections.
In a refreshing gift to democracy - rivalling the UK Classic The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer -- an undecided Ms Hanson called on Murray (Puddin to his TV mates) to interview the candidate, a Mr.Brian Brightman, on live TV last night and let viewers decide by casting votes on her Facebook page.
Mr. Brightman was convicted of stealing $1100 worth of stamps 23 years ago.
Murray's interview of Brightman was followed by a plea for understanding from Ms Hanson who made no mention of the 50 or so other WA One Nation candidates thrown into the race.
Votes from the Paul Murray show, which Phil Coorey claims has a viewing audience of 6 in the Qantas Chairmans Lounge, are yet to be counted.
Can viewers look forward to similar appearances from ALP candidates in Melbourne and Sydney?
Now that would be a good show.
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