Friday, 4 November 2016

Did George Negus feed Cathy Freeman his Band Aid?

The case of the vanished Band Aid has puzzled the army of viewers of last night's Silvia's Italian Kitchen on ABC television.

George Negus, the celebrity television political journalist and would-be-Italian, had a starring role preparing the salad.

That's the deft hand of George (above) wielding the knife in a scene from the show. Note the flesh coloured Band Aid on his finger.

And that's George shortly afterwards cutting into the cauliflower. The Band Aid is not to be seen.

Where did it end up? On the plate of fellow guest Cathy Freeman? Or down the throat of Emma Alberici?

Clearly Negus the chef was not made aware of the sensible safety advice elsewhere on the ABC website.

Food safety is a big issue whether you’re in a commercial kitchen or whipping up a meal at home. Temperature control, cross contamination, reheating are all concerns in a modern cooking environment.
What do bandaids have to do with Food Safety … and why Simon is wearing bright blue ones in this week’s program?
The answer is quite simple. A brightly coloured (and waterproof) bandaid is preferable to a transparent one in a kitchen environment in case it works loose and comes off. No-one wants to find and unwanted extra in their dinner!
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