Thursday, 18 February 2016

A peek at Russia's economy and other news and views

A Peek at Russia's Economy - Even before the recent plummeting of the price of oil, Russia's economy was showing signs of slowdown and stress. With oil prices now in the neighborhood of $30-$35 per barrel, and maybe with additional declines still to come, Russia's economy is already in recession and probably headed for worse.

Don’t Privatize Air Traffic Control - The current system is the safest in the world, and there is no credible evidence that a private one would be better

U.S. Closing a Loophole on Products Tied to Slaves - President Obama will sign legislation this week that effectively bans American imports of fish caught by forced labor in Southeast Asia, part of a flurry of recent actions by the White House, federal agencies, international trade unions and foreign governments to address lawlessness at sea and to better protect offshore workers and the marine environment.

Polling Is Ubiquitous, But Is It Bad For Democracy?

The Fire Meets the Wall - In South Carolina and many of the coming primary states, demographics appear to work in Hillary Clinton's favor.

More War than Peace - After decades of relative peace, the death toll from armed conflicts is rising once again. While countries rarely go to war with each other, a constellation of conflicts – civil, proxy, and between governments and non-state actors – is causing a spike in lethal violence, much of it emanating from the Muslim world.

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