Friday, 22 January 2016

A red hot political tip

Hillary Clinton's Elixir: Can A Hot Pepper A Day Boost Immunity? : The Salt : NPR:
"If you're a chili head, you may have more in common with Hillary Clinton than you knew. Turns out, the presidential hopeful has a serious jalapeno habit. She told All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro it started back in 1992, when it was her husband, Bill Clinton, who was running for the White House. "I read an article about the special immune-boosting characteristics of hot peppers and I thought, well, that's interesting because, you know, campaigning is pretty demanding," Clinton told NPR. Now, Clinton says she eats a fresh, hot pepper every day and it's "maybe ... one of the reasons I'm so healthy, and I have so much stamina and endurance." So, hot peppers as a health elixir? "It's not an entirely crazy idea," says John Hayes, who teaches food science at Penn State University. "It's certainly possible that some of the compounds found in chili peppers could be protective of health," Hayes tells us."

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