Friday, 4 December 2015

What is it about Victoria: Andrew Bolt's Bill Hartley view

The idea that for a political party there are things more important than winning has a long history in Victoria. It was something of a mantra for Bill Hartley and his socialist left crew. It took a Gough Whitlam to begin the cleansing that saw Labor adopt the view that unless you won office you could do nothing and might as well all stay home.
But the idea that purity of principle is paramount lives on down south. Not, these days, among the maddies of the left but on the rabid conservative fringe of the Liberal Party.
From the Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog this afternoon
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has pushed the Liberal party to the Left. The media cheered, and the have polls [sic, Andrew must have been typing in a hurry] improved - for now.
But many Liberals aren’t in politics just to help a Labor-lite party get re-elected. They aren’t there just to make Turnbull Prime Minister. Policies and principles still matter more than victory.
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