Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The ignorance of a commentator in The Australian shines through again

A remarkable opinion piece in The Oz this morning by a so-called political scientist Jennifer Oriel. Remarkable for showing the author's ignorance of some basic facts of Australian history.
The extracts below give the Oriel flavour.

Malcolm Turnbull must take note of the Menzies strategy:
Malcolm Turnbull’s inaugural national security address reset Liberal Party philosophy from the neoconservative interventionism of Tony Abbott to a classical liberal policy of containment.
However, classical liberal faith presupposes a desire for individual enlightenment and civil society — consciously rejected by Islamists, whose collectivist ideology of jihadism threatens life and liberty across the globe. ...
Turnbull has acknowledged Robert Menzies’ role in preventing totalitarian ideology at the dawn of World War II by introducing a national security bill. The bill effectively contained the antipodean threat of Nazism, but it is Menzies’ later fight against communism that illuminates a possible path of progress to ­address the jihadist threat we face.
Menzies fought communism by introducing the Communist Party Dissolution Act in 1950. The act aimed at thwarting the communist threat to Australia’s sovereignty by blocking its path to political legitimacy. The tactics prohibited by that act are almost identical to the tactics outlined in Islamic State’s playbook.
Menzies identified communist ideology with the intent to “assist or accelerate the coming of a revolutionary situation” by subverting the state’s security apparatus, defence capabilities and vital industries. He rightly classified the subversive strategy as treason. As a result, the Australian Communist Party was banned and its proselytising faith prohibited.
While the measures introduced by the government thus far have reduced the threat of jihadist attacks, they have not mitigated the long-term subversion of the state by jihadist ideology.
It didn't take long for Melbourne University Laureate Professor Emeritus Cheryl Saunders AO to point out the absurdity. She was up bright and early to tweet:
Nothing more needs to be said really.

Note: This item was corrected to remove references to the IPA. The original said Oriel was an IPA commentator. She is not although they once published something of hers. The lesson I have relearned is treat googled references with care. Thanks to Tim Duncan for pointing out my error. It is always nice to know you have a reader.
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