Sunday, 6 December 2015

Introducing a military trained MP

Ellen Whinnett in the Herald Sun gives an interesting insight into the new member for Canning.

From fighting Taliban to Federal Politics, Andrew Hastie was born to serve | HeraldSun:

"At just 33, former Captain Andrew William Hastie is one of the most intriguing politicians elected to Australia’s House of Representatives.

His years with the Army and as an elite soldier with the SAS give him a unique life experience.

A deep thinker who has studied history, politics and philosophy, he wrote a thesis deconstructing Charles Bean’s history of the Anzacs and toyed with becoming a journalist.

He is deeply rooted in the Christian faith. He has done two tours of Afghanistan and visited a third time, and spent months in the Middle East with the SAS on a secretive anti-terror mission, which he describes only as “counter-IS operations and intelligence’’.

He found his way to Parliament via a bruising by-election that came at the height of the internal war against then-prime minister Tony Abbott."

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