Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Are interest rates now at the old low normal and other news and views

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Why Very Low Interest Rates May Stick Around - Investors have often talked about the global economy since the crisis as reflecting a “new normal” of slow growth and low inflation. But, just maybe, we have really returned to the old normal. Very low rates have often persisted for decades upon decades, pretty much whenever inflation is quiescent, as it is now.

Climate Deal Is Signal to Industry: The Era of Carbon Reduction Is Here - If nothing else, analysts and experts say, the accord is a signal to businesses and investors that the era of carbon reduction has arrived. It will spur banks and investment funds to shift their loan and stock portfolios from coal and oil to the growing industries of renewable energy like wind and solar. Utilities themselves will have to reduce their reliance on coal and more aggressively adopt renewable sources of energy. Energy and technology companies will be pushed to make breakthroughs to make better and cheaper batteries that can store energy for use when it is needed. And automakers will have to develop electric cars that win broader acceptance in the marketplace.

Can Robots Be Lawyers? Computers, Lawyers, and the Practice of Law

Are Efforts To Overthrow Assad Counter Productive? Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard says that in order to defeat ISIS, the U.S. must stop trying to remove Syrian president Bashar al Assad from power.

Obama Administration Eyes Detention As More Central Americans Cross Border

Surprised About Donald Trump's Popularity? You Shouldn't Be - ... when you look at Americans' attitudes, not only on that specific question of Islam but toward politics in general, a lot of things that have surprised the political establishment about Trump aren't surprising at all. ... It's not clear whether Americans are growing more polarized ideologically (that is, whether their ideas are growing further apart politically). What is clearer is that Americans are experiencing more affective polarization — that is, regardless of where their views are moving, liberals increasingly dislike conservatives, and conservatives increasingly dislike liberals. ... Notably, trust is lower among Republicans during a Democratic administration (just as trust is low among Democrats during GOP administrations) — and trust is exceedingly low among Republicans right now. All of that creates a perfect environment for a Trump to arise right now in the Republican Party. Lack of trust in government means Americans — particularly non-Democrats — may be particularly willing to vote for an "outsider."
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