Saturday, 26 December 2015

An America moving left and other news and views

Why America Is Moving Left - Republicans may have a lock on Congress and the nation’s statehouses—and could well win the presidency—but the liberal era ushered in by Barack Obama is only just beginning.

Why the Movie ‘Concussion’ Spells Trouble for the NFL—and Moral Angst for the Rest of Us We deserve to know, and we are obligated to know, the cost of America’s love for football. -  Concussion is the true tale of Dr. Bennet Omalu—brilliantly played by Will Smith—and his effort to get the National Football League to acknowledge the existence of the brain disease he discovered, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Dr. Omalu first identified the football-related brain disease in examining the brain of Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster, who died at age 50 in 2002. Webster’s mind was so deeply damaged that he was living in a van, using Super Glue to keep his rotting teeth in place and tasing himself as a method of handling the pain.

A still from a video released by ISIS militants in June 2015 called ‘A Message to Our People in Jerusalem,’ in which they threaten to overthrow Hamas in Gaza because the group is not extreme enough.
ISIS in Gaza

Clinton casts wider net for cash - Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is building the most expansive fundraising network in recent memory, taking its prospecting far beyond the usual Democratic strongholds on the East and West coasts. Those familiar with Clinton's fundraising operation say she's tapping smaller cities to avoid running dry in California and New York, which have only so many Hollywood producers and trial lawyers.
  Obama just released the biggest energy efficiency rule in U.S. history - They dribble out regularly — Energy Department rules or “standards” that require ever improving levels of energy efficiency for dishwashers, refrigerators, and much more. On Thursday, though, the Department dumped what it is describing as the “largest energy-saving standard in history” and one that “will save more energy than any other standard issued by the Department to date” — a standard governing commercial air conditioners and furnaces. These devices consume a gigantic amount of energy across America because, well, they keep us comfortable in large buildings.

People Who Were Certain Climate Change Is Fake Are Now Certain That Paris Can’t Stop It

U.S. Takes Steps To Protect Two Breeds Of African Lion - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has placed one breed of African lions on its endangered species list, a move aimed at discouraging hunting of the animals at a time when their numbers are dwindling. A second breed of lion will be designated as threatened,the agency said today.

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