Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back from paternity leave

It was an unplanned pregnancy - well, unplanned by me anyway - but the task of raising 10 little Gerbulls fell to me. They kind of made politics seem unimportant. Certainly they didn't leave much time to think about it.
Now all but one of them they have gone. One dead and eight to good homes. Leaving me with the runt of the litter who I have fallen in love with. And Xara tells me that thinking about politics is okay by her.

She reckons it's an essential skill for an American Bulldog-German Shepherd cross sharing a bed with a mum (that's the white one of the left) and a neutered black dog of indiscriminate upbringing who wasn't really all that wrapped about sharing a house with pups sired by a next door neighbour.
So if there's anyone still interested in the views of an old house father it's back to commenting on affairs of state.
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