Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Denmark to follow the Australian example on keeping refugees out

  • DF wants video to tell refugees to stay away - Drawing inspiration from Australia, the Danish People’s Party wants to launch a video campaign telling asylum seekers that Denmark is not the place for them. “If you want to seek happiness in Europe, Denmark is not the right place.” 
That’s the message that the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DF) wants to send loud and clear to asylum seekers. DF spokesman Martin Henriksen is calling on Denmark to replicate Australia by releasing a video in English and Arabic that will discourage asylum seekers from making their way to Danish shores.
“Too many people are coming to Denmark to seek asylum and we want them to stay away from Denmark. That is the message we wish to formulate to human smugglers and potential asylum seekers around the world,” Henriksen told Politiko. Henriksen pointed to a video made by the Australian government, in which a stone-faced General Campbell tells asylum seekers “you will not make Australia home”.

Henriksen wants Denmark to make a similar message that will include information about new restrictions on gaining asylum in Denmark and bringing family members to the country as well as the newly-announced cuts to refugees' benefits.
Governing party Venstre initially expressed a willingness to consider DF’s idea but as backlash to the proposal began to spread on Wednesday, Venstre spokesman Jakob Ellemann-Jensen threw cold water on the idea. “I don’t think the Australian video is an example to replicate in Denmark. The video is a bit tough and I don’t think it is a Danish way to communicate. It’s fine if it works in Australia, but I can’t immediately see it being used in Denmark,” Ellemann-Jensen told Politiko. Australia has implemented a strict policy of denying entry to boats filled with refugees and sending them out of Australian waters.
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