Monday, 23 February 2015

A real Sydney Telegraph exclusive – political correspondent abolishes Tasmania’s upper house

Reporting on an opinion poll giving the public view of the New South Wales upper house:clennell1clennell2
From the website of the Tasmanian Parliament:
The Legislative Council of Tasmania
A Message from the President of the Legislative Council,
The Honourable James Scott Wilkinson, MLC.
The Legislative Council, which is the Upper House in the Tasmanian Parliament, is a unique parliamentary institution.
Established in 1825 as the original legislative body in Tasmania (then Van Diemen’s Land) it is the only House of Parliament in the Commonwealth, and probably in the world, that has never been controlled by any government or any political party. It has always had a majority of independent members making it a truly genuine House of Review.
The Legislative Council has extensive constitutional powers, but Members are conscious of their powers and responsibilities and make their decisions accordingly.
The independent nature of the House makes for meaningful debate of the issues without the rivalry and regimentation which is involved in the process in Houses of Parliament dominated by political parties.
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