Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Daily Tele welcoming a new columnist to the SMH

9-08-2014 birmingham
The columnist is dead so long live the columnist. John Birmingham filled the Mike Carlton space in theSydney Morning Herald this morning and the opposition tabloid gave him a welcome. Noted the Daily Telegraph on its editorial page:
9-08-2014 welcome
Veteran Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mike Carlton resigned this week rather than face suspension for his abusive and obscene online comments. The SMH is reportedly considering replacing Carlton with John Birmingham (pictured), who lives in the remote northern Sydney suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. But is Birmingham any less abusive or obscene? Let’s see how Carlton’s possible replacement conducts himself online:
“F… off.” “(The Prime Minister) is such a c….”
“ASIO arse softc..ks.”
“Poor fellow my f…… country indeed.”
“I’d wager a blowjob from a toothless crackwhore hurts more.”
“F… the CIA.” “F… you is more than a policy.”
“Australia’s most f…witted sportscasters.”
“Soft ricotta cheese c..k.”
“F… that old prize stealing wrinkly.”
“Like enduring an aggressive blowjob from a toothless crackwhore.”
“F… them in the nekbeard.”
“(The Prime Minister) f…ed a generation of students.”
“C..kheads. All of them.”
“It’s not really a very conservative government, is it? More like a mob of bugshit crazy f…… radicals.”
Thursday had seen the Tele giving Mike Carlton a farewell with a double page spread no less.
9-08-2014 doublepagefarewell
PROUD hater Mike Carlton has resigned from The Sydney Morning Herald but the controversial columnist is certainly no stranger to the unemployment queue.
Sackings, orchestrated “agreements with management” and inglorious resignations are as customary in Carlton’s colourful career as his aggressive, hate-filled attacks on those who disagree with him.
Carlton’s decision to leave Fairfax Media on Tuesday night is the third time he has been shafted — this time by his own hand. The others were by sacking (Herald, 2008) and happy divorce (2UE, 2009).
Latecomers to the columnist’s modus operandi may be stunned at the expletiveridden abuse towards his Twitter antagonists and appalled Herald readers after his July 26 column lambasted Israel.
But those who knew his ways barely batted an eyelid.
In 2007 on 2UE, on the morning of f late colleague Stan Zemanek’s funeral, Carlton said he would attend only to “check if he was actually dead’’.
Goodness knows what the readers are actually thinking of it all. Not much I would suspect.
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