Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Remember when public servants were impartial? and other news and views for Tuesday 5 August

  •  Remember when public servants were impartial? – “Too many government officials are seemingly ignoring their legal obligation to be apolitical.”
  • Has paper money outlived its purpose? – “Serious people have been suggesting that we think hard about eliminating paper currency. Paper money facilitates criminality and creates the zero lower bound (ZLB) for nominal interest rates. So, why not just get rid of it and replace it with electronic money?”
  • Trickling down- John Quiggin writes: ‘Even those who believe, or are paid to say, that favored treatment for the rich will benefit the poor mostly avoid the term “trickle down”, preferring bromides like “a rising tide lift all boats”. But that didn’t deter Ian Young, Vice-Chancellor of ANU and head of the Group of 8 Universities (basically, those established first, which have, as elsewhere in the world, gained a permanent high-status position as a result). As I predicted not long ago, he wants to raise fees and reduce the number of students at elite universities, including ANU, allowing them to offer a more personalised education.’
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