Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Gaza and Australian newspaper circulations

The Sydney based duo of Murdoch dailies are having a great time highlighting reports of readers cancelling subscriptions to The Sydney Morning Herald. Believe this morning’s editorial and you might think that old granny has hardly a reader left.
Now I am very much in the camp of those who found the Glen le Lievre cartoon offensive and made that clear soon after it was published.
And I was surprised that my old colleague Mike Carlton (he once was a star on a Mike Willesee current affairs program where I was an abject failure) did not add a note to his last column expressing his regret at the illustration accompanying his words the previous week rather than leaving it to the Herald’ editor to do it yesterday.
But be that as it may, I have no doubt that if people buy newspapers on the basis of the views they contain that theHerald will be winning the circulation battle over the Tele. Public opinion, as I see and hear it in, and on, the media, is very much anti-Israel when it comes to the bloodshed in Gaza. Mike Carlton will have more supporters than opponents for the views he expressed.
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