Friday, 4 July 2014

The Guardian Australia charges ahead towards profitability

The Guardian Australia has become my proper news source of choice and it seems I am not alone. The industry website Press Gazette reports this morning that according to ABC figures cited by The Guardian, traffic to Guardian Australia has increased to 5.55m unique browsers in May 2014 (compared with around 3m a year earlier). Just over a year after launch The Guardian claims its Australia edition is on course to turn a profit.
In an interview Guardian Media Group chief executive Andrew Miller answered questions about the Australian launch that included:
Would you have moved into Australia anyway, or did you launch in Australia because of the investment from entrepreneur Graeme Wood?
“We were trying to understand how we grow The Guardian. We saw an audience just like the States, in Australia. We met [Wood] and explored the idea of how we do this.”
How does the investment work? Will he get his money back before the Scott Trust sees a return on Guardian Australia?
“We’ve got a confidentiality agreement. It’s a loan, so he will get his money back first. But if we decide not to continue in Australia then there’s no obligation to repay the loan.”
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