Wednesday, 16 July 2014

An animal welfare election promise and other news and views for Wednesday 16 July

16-07-2014 cosmetics
  • Kasimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’: What does it say to you? - A pivotal moment in the history of modern art or the work of a self-publicist with the gift of the gab? Michael Glover searches for meaning in The Independent - “The painting itself sits in a relatively darkened room at Tate Modern, where a major retrospective of the career of its creator, Kasimir Malevich from Kiev, opens today. Given that the painting is black from top to toe and hip to hip, and that it is often said to represent a pivotal moment in the history of abstraction and the art of the 20th century, this strikes the onlooker as an odd decision. Why not be given the opportunity to see it as clearly as possible?”
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