Sunday, 8 June 2014

The search for a sarcasm detector and other news and views for Sunday 8 June

8-06-2014 hardchoices
  • Hillary Clinton’s Book ‘Hard Choices’ Portrays a Tested Policy Wonk – “The book … turns out to be a subtle, finely calibrated work that provides a portrait of the former secretary of state and former first lady as a heavy-duty policy wonk. Compared with her 2003 memoir, ‘Living History’ — which tended to lapse into glib, stump-speechlike pronouncements and reactive efforts to blame assorted enemies for her and her husband’s travails — ‘Hard Choices’ is a statesmanlike document intended to attest to Mrs. Clinton’s wide-ranging experience on national security and on foreign policy.”
  • The Fixer Offense in Soccer – “The passionate rivalries of World Cup soccer will soon be enthralling sports fans across the globe, along with throngs of fanatic gamblers placing untold millions in bets. As the opening matches in Brazil on June 12 draw near, there are rising doubts that FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, has enough security and personnel to protect the quadrennial competition from the threat of match fixing that has been bedeviling the sport.”
  • The Communist Party’s Terrorism Survival Plan - Old ‘people’s war’ tactics are being mobilized against a new threat. =”After the knife attack in Kunming, state-run China Central Television (CCTV) tweeted a survival guide in case of terrorism on Weibo, China’s popular microblogging platform. The guide, complete with an Astro Boy-like cartoon figure dressed in a Superman suit performing first-aid maneuvers, has advice like, “Try your best not to scream out of fear because it would further agitate the perpetrators” and “do not stop to take photos with your cellphone and share on social media.”
8-06-2014 cubed
  • The Road to the Zombie Office - “If we are what we eat—a notion that seems irrefutable in today’s food-fixated United States—then another corollary, at a time when personal identity often derives more from professional pursuits than private matters, would be that we are where we work. “
  • A Rare Look Inside the Air Force’s Drone Training Classroom – “The technology of war is changing, but the fundamental conflict is the same.”
  • US Secret Service seeks Twitter sarcasm detector – “The US Secret Service is seeking some help with its online snooping, and needs a company that can detect sarcasm online – because you need to be able to distinguish between “I love Al Qaeda” and “I love Al Qaeda”. Good luck with that, pals!”
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