Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tell us the truth about the children dumped in Galway's mass graves and other news and views for Thursday 5 June

5-06-2014 icecream
  • Your Vanilla Ice Cream Is About to Get Weirder – “Synthetic biology—or “synbio” for short—is the stuff of science fiction brought to life. Whereas standard-issue biotechnology involves inserting a gene from one organism into another, synbio entails stuff like inserting computer-generated DNA sequences into living cells: i.e, creating new organisms altogether. And the technology has made a major breakthrough: A company called Evolva has managed to create a compound called vanillin—the one that gives vanilla beans their distinctive and wildly popular flavor—grown not on a vine but rather in a culture of synthetic yeast.”
  • Decision Time: Britain Must Choose Now If It Will Stay in Europe – A Der Spiegel editorial -  “For years Britain has blackmailed and made a fool out of the EU. The United Kingdom must finally make a choice: It can play by the rules or it can leave the European Union.Following last week’s elections for the European Parliament, Europe finds itself at a historical turning point. It faces two questions. The first is that of how seriously the European Union is about its promise to become more democratic. The second is whether Britain can remain a member of the EU.”
  • Interview with Marine Le Pen: ‘I Don’t Want this European Soviet Union’ - “In a SPIEGEL interview, French right-wing populist Marine Le Pen discusses the European election victory by her Front National, German dominance in the EU and her admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin.”
  • The Guardian at the gate – By Michel Wolff – “It broke the WikiLeaks story, then the Snowden scandal, now Alan Rusbridger’s crusading newspaper is trying to break America. But with its US campaign on the brink of disaster, has the deadline passed to beat a dignified retreat?”
  • Hydroponic Tomatoes May One Day Be Tastier Than Ones Grown Outside
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