Friday, 13 June 2014

Greenhouse gas emissions fell in December quarter and other news and views for Friday 13 June

13-06-2014 australiangreenhousegases
  • Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: December 2013 - Australia’s National Greenhouse Accounts – “Emissions decreased in the December quarter 2013, with trend emissions falling by 0.4% while seasonally
    adjusted emissions were unchanged. … Annual emissions for the year to December 2013 are estimated to be 538.4 Mt CO2
    -e. This represents a 0.8% decline in emissions when compared with the previous year. … Over the year to December 2013, there was a decline in emissions from electricity, reflecting lower electricity demand and changes in the generation mix. Emissions from industrial processes also declined over the year. These declines were partially offset by increases in the fugitive emissions and agriculture sectors.
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