Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another Oliver Stone political movie - Edward Snowden for the screen

The National Security Agency will no doubt be doing something similar soon:
3-06-2014 nixoncartoon
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Oliver Stone has a way of irritating the US political establishment and no doubt will do it again now he has the rights to “The Snowden Files, The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man,” written by journalist Luke Harding.
Variety reports that Stone has started to write the screenplay and his long-time producing partner Moritz Borman is fast-tracking it as a European co-production to start filming before the end of the year.
Stone said: “This is one of the greatest stories of our time. A real challenge. I’m glad to have the Guardian working with us.”
Guardian editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, said: “The story of Edward Snowden is truly extraordinary, and the unprecedented revelations he brought to light have forever transformed our understanding of, and relationship with, government and technology. We’re delighted to be working with Oliver Stone and Moritz Borman on the film.”
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