Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What you ought to know about Crikey readers

From today’s Crikey email comes this disclosure about its readership:
That Mirabella jostle. Yesterday we pointed you to a fresh video showing erstwhile Coalition warrior Sophie Mirabella being jostled by protesting students during a uni lecture. We proposed that protesters should not physically intimidate/manhandle MPs of any persuasion, and asked what our readers thought. You were split; quite a few agreed, saying the jostle was “counterproductive” and “fair-minded people should certainly limit their physical outbursts”. “It’s just not the way we want our society to be,” one reader said. But some thought the jostle was fair enough, given how strong community anger is at the budget. “Some would call it karma I guess,” one reader mused. Check out the conversation and add your opinion here.
Nice to know that Crikey “proposed” that protesters should not physically intimidate/manhandle MPs of any persuasion. What a fair minded lot they are at Crikey. Even prepared to admit, without criticism, that it has a split readership on the issue of jostling a woman. Karma indeed.
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