Friday, 30 May 2014

Piketty's Capital: An Economist's Inequality Ideas Are All the Rage and other news and views for Friday 30 May

  • Piketty’s Capital: An Economist’s Inequality Ideas Are All the Rage
  • Dads who do chores bolster daughters’ aspirations – “Fathers who help with household chores are more likely to raise daughters who aspire to less traditional, and potentially higher paying, careers. So finds a new study that suggests how parents share dishes, laundry and other domestic duties plays a key role in shaping the gender attitudes and aspirations of their children, especially daughters.”
  • Free-market think-tanks waged war on entitlement, conscripted an Australian Joe – “The neoliberal thought collective is a well-organised, politically connected movement of like-minded individuals who have dedicated their lives to spreading the ideas they believe in. That they have managed to influence governments, including the Abbott government, may be dismaying to those who disagree with their ideas, but it shouldn’t be surprising.”
  • How Millennials Could Upend Wall Street and Corporate America – “By 2020, Millennials will comprise more than one of three adult Americans. It is estimated that by 2025 they will make up as much as 75 percent of the workforce. …  Morley Winograd and Michael Hais outline the cultural force of the Millennial generation on the economy as Millennials increasingly dominate the nation’s workplaces and permeate its corporate culture. Winograd and Hais argue that the current culture on Wall Street is becoming increasingly isolated from the beliefs and values of America’s largest adult generation.”
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