Monday, 5 May 2014

Labor silence on Treasurer for sale story would be wise

5-05-2014 smh
No one who has been even peripherally involved in a federal election campaign will be at all surprised by the stories in this mornings Fairfax papers about Joe Hockey’s involvement in campaign fund raising. Getting in the dollars to pay for getting in the votes has long been an expected part of a Treasurer’s role whatever party is in office.
After the Prime Minister, the Treasurer is the office holder people with a cause to push most want to influence so party officials naturally take advantage of it. The only major difference I can see in the Jovial Joe case is that he localised the collection point via his own electorate organisation rather than letting the state or federal branch get their hands on the dosh. No doubt that will cause a bit of muttering within the Liberal Party now that the sums involved have been publicised.
Labor will be wise not to do too much tut-tutting on this issue. Companies and rich people paying for access to their own high and mighty has been every bit as prevalent as on the Coalition side.
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