Thursday, 8 May 2014

How Putin is reinventing warfare and other news and views for Thursday 8 May

    • Explaining the Emergence of Boko Haram – “Boko Haram’s activities in Nigeria, and those of its splinter group Ansaru, are hardly new. Under a radical Islamic agenda, these militants have perpetuated violence across northern Nigeria since roughly 2009, aiming to rid the country of any ‘Western influence’.”
    • What If Everyone in the World Became a Vegetarian? - The effects of a meatless population on climate and economy.
    • How Putin Is Reinventing Warfare – “Though some deride Russia for backward thinking, Putin’s strategy in Ukraine betrays a nuanced understanding of 21st century geopolitics.”
    • The China-Vietnam standoff: Three key factors
    • A Clear and Present Danger – “Barack Obama’s administration says that climate change poses a clear and present danger to the United States that will only grow worse over time as droughts, floods, and storms become part of everyday life throughout the country. Unfortunately for the White House, the politics of tackling climate change are dismal: Republicans have grown even more hostile to the issue in recent years, it barely registers in public opinion polls, and this year’s midterm elections make dramatic action a virtual impossibility. But there is one group of very serious people that could start to shift the terms of the political debate: the Pentagon. Climate change is creating fresh headaches and nightmare security scenarios for defense planners who don’t have the luxury of denying the appearance of new oceans and new responsibilities.”
    • Toasted cheese sandwich? Like dope with that? Welcome to weed on wheels
    • This Is What Kids Dream About
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