Saturday, 24 May 2014

A politician quitting on a matter of conscience? Put it on page 10

Members quitting parliament on matters of principle are a rare event – so rare that I cannot think of one happening in my 50 plus years covering politics in Canberra. As for state parliaments I am less knowledgeable but a quick googling did not help me find one apart from this week’s resignation by Dr Chris Davis as the member for Stafford in Queensland.
It was, said Dr Davis, “with sadness that I have advised the Speaker of my resignation.”
The passage of recent government legislation affecting critical aspects of our democracy goes contrary to my value system and that of the majority of my electorate. I would never have stood for Parliament on such a platform, nor do I believe I would have been elected. My most recent speech to Parliament offers additional insights.
My sacking has been a catalyst. It is sadly no longer possible for me to effectively represent my electorate in such an environment, despite my best endeavours.
A significant parliamentary event surely.
Well not to Queensland’s biggest selling daily paper. The Courier Mail relegated the story to page 10. The Townsville Bulletin had its four page version on the same page.
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